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MiTek Skellefteå

Gymnasievägen 16

MiTek Tranås

Stoerydsvägen 7
573 42 TRANÅS

BOX 210
573 23 TRANÅS

Invoices - Skellefteå

Invoices - Tranås

NamePhoneEmailJob TitleDescriptionCity
P-O Karlsson+46 (0)70 38 50 024po.karlsson@mii.comManaging Director SwedenTranås
Mikael Öggesjö+46 (0)140 38 50 52mikael.oggesjo@mii.comFinancial ControllerFinance TranåsTranås
Marléne Lundqvist+46 (0)910 878 26marlene.lundqvist@mii.comFinancial ControllerFinance SkellefteåSkellefteå
Annelie Richardson+46 (0)140 38 50 50order.mitekab@mii.comOrder/administrationTranås
Linda Pettersson+46 (0)140 38 50 50order.mitekab@mii.comOrder/administrationTranås
Stefan Åsberg+46 (0)72 54 55 104stefan.asberg@mii.comSales ManagerTranås
Bo Starby+46 (0)76 833 06 08bo.starby@mii.comArea Sales ManagerSalesTranås
Peter Koski+46 (0)140 38 53 02peter.koski@mii.comConstruction Market Development ManagerTranås
Peter Cullberg+46 (0)140 38 50 57peter.cullberg@mii.comProduction ManagerTranås
Tomas Holmlund+46 (0)910 878 38
+46 (0)70 563 19 73
tomas.holmlund@mii.comRegional Manager Design and SupportSales - SoftwareSkellefteå
Lars Hallström+46 (0)910 878 39lars.hallstrom@mii.comDesignerSoftware support for MiTek Pamir and MiTek OpticsSkellefteå
Viktor Lithén+46 (0)910 878 37viktor.lithen@mii.comDesignerCalculation services and software supportSkellefteå
Linnéa Hollström+46 (0)910 878 23linnea.hollstrom@mii.comDesignerCalculation services and software supportSkellefteå
Joakim Wänstedt+46 (0)910 878 24joakim.wanstedt@mii.comDesignerCalculation servicesSkellefteå
Daniel Eriksson+46 (0)910 878 42daniel.eriksson@mii.comDesignerCalculation servicesSkellefteå
Hanna Burstrandhanna.burstrand@mii.comTechnical WriterSkellefteå

How to get to MiTek Skellefteå

  • By airport shuttle
    Get off at Hotel Aurum and walk in the opposite direction of the bus. After 100 m, turn left to get to the main entrance.
  • By car from E4 north
    Drive through Skellefteå and cross the bridge over the river. Go straight in the roundabout and after about 800 m, take left at the second traffic light. Turn right at the roundabout and after about 200 m take the exit to the left.
  • By car from E4 south
    Turn right at the first roundabout (by McDonald’s) when entering Skellefteå. After about 500 m take the exit to the right.

Head in through the main entrance of Entreprenören and turn left to find our office.



How to get to MiTek Tranås

  • Via road 32
    Take the exit at the Höganloft junction. Follow the road west for about 400 m and then turn right.