The Swedish software development office is in Skellefteå with a satellite in Stockholm. We belong to the MiTek EMEA organisation and work closely with MiTek’s Software Development offices in Birmingham, UK and Paris, France. Additional collaborations – with our parent company MiTek Inc. in St Louis, USA and other subsidiaries – means our development team consists of over 500 developers.

Our focus is the software MiTek Pamir, and we service regions and users in the whole European area and South Africa. We work with a modern agile mindset and are striving for a transformation of global communities by delivering real breakthroughs in construction.


The design office is responsible for the distribution and support of MiTek Pamir, TrussCon and RoofCon in the Scandinavian region. We work as a link between the users and the developers, making sure user feedback reaches our developers, as well as informing the user of new updates.

One highlight is our seminar, arranged annually to update our users. It is a great opportunity for us to meet and discuss our software and for you to network with other colleagues in your field. MiTek Pamir training sessions are available, on entry and advanced levels, on request.

The design office is using MiTek Pamir daily and we offer calculation services. If you are looking to use this service, please check out the Design Office page for more information.


Our Tranås site handles all nail-plate production for the Nordic market. Early 2022 we are in the process of moving to our newly built 9300 m² facility, including two levels of office space and extensive raw materials and finish goods warehouse. Our nine automatic presses have a capacity to handle 12 000 tons of yearly nail plate production.

In addition to our nail plate production, we also purchase and distribute ancillary products such as Posi-Struts, hangers, angle brackets, screws and anchor nails.

Our office and warehouse handle customers throughout the Nordic region and has occasional customers in the rest of Europe. The Swedish and Danish markets are served by a sales force based in Tranås. Our subsidiary in Latvia handles the Baltic region, which also has its distribution warehouse.

In Norway, we work with an agent, Plater-Beregninger-Maskiner AS (PBM), which supplies the market with MiTek products and software. They also offer calculation services for the Norwegian market ( Finland has its own organisation but receives most of its nail plate supplies from MiTek Industries AB in Tranås.

Our driving force is to be close to our customers and be active and visible on the market. Our goal is to deliver the best quality and service to our customers.