Inexpensive and efficient

Stud framing

Stud-framed walls provide support for the roof and are also responsible for the stability of the entire structure. Traditionally, the wall was made of logs or bricks, but it has been modernised over the years, and today it is the most common type of wall. The main advantages of the stud frame are cheaper production and better insulation. Because of these advantages, many modern brick and plaster facades are now also built with a stud wall.

Save time


Prefabricated wall panels are becoming increasingly common on the Swedish market. Compared to site-built stud framing, the main advantages are the quality assurance that is possible when assembly takes place in a controlled environment and faster erection on site. Today, many manufacturers also offer complete modules in which the wall panels are assembled with the ceiling and floor, which reduces the set-up time on the construction site even further.

Quick and easy


Precut wall panels can be quickly assembled on-site without the need for any additional cutting, reducing both construction time and the risk of human error. Depending on the equipment used, timber markings and connection points can be marked directly on the timber to make assembly even smoother. Precut wall panels are also more efficient in terms of the actual transport to the construction site.