Save on materials


Roof trusses are used in most new homes and are increasingly being used in commercial and industrial settings.

A trussed rafter roof is a fully engineered structure delivering a practical and versatile roofing solution. When compared with a traditionally built roof, trussed rafters will typically deliver considerable material savings, often using 40% less timber.

Manufactured offsite in factory-controlled conditions, roof trusses offer immense versatility without compromising on safety. A wide variety of truss configurations allow for a huge range of different applications, such as room in the roof (Attic) trusses, raised ceiling trusses, and scissor trusses. Trussed rafters can be manufactured in a wide range of timber sections, with larger sections allowing for big spans for a variety of commercial applications.

Nail plates

MiTek’s steel connector plates have been at the forefront of roof truss production for many years. With several options ranging from the standard 1 mm thick GNT-100S to the stronger 1.5 mm thick GNT-150S or the popular 1.25 mm thick TOP W, there is the possibility to adapt the design to whatever the conditions require.

Our advanced calculation software MiTek Pamir is capable of calculating our entire nail plate range, performing precise analyses of all connection nodes.