About Posi-Joists

Compared to many other types of traditional beams, Posi-Joist has a good span in relation to its weight. The open web design has great advantages such as not having to drill openings for ventilation, VA, electricity or heating. Additionally, it allows great freedom in the design of beams in residential, industrial and commercial projects.

Posi-Joist is a revolutionary floor joist system that embraces a complete solution with increased simplicity, efficiency and significant cost savings.

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Efficiency, Performance and Versatility

The possibilities of the Posi-Joist system with a low self-weight and significant span capabilities, coupled with its open web design, give the contractor several cost-saving advantages. The installation of services and utilities is far simpler and quicker with Posi-Joists, reducing labour costs and build-up time on site.

Various MiTek customers manufacture the Posi-Joist system with its beams in a controlled factory environment in terms of humidity, temperature, and guaranteed quality. Delivery is made with customised elements ready for quick application and erection on site.

Posi-Joist can be used for: joists, flat roofs, low pitched roofs. The design and architectural flexibility, which gives great freedom, is built into the Posi-Joist concept. The possibility of prefabricated Posi-Joist, simplifies the installation on site. At the manufacturing stage, Posi-Joist components are prepared and adapted to the specific project. In addition, various suspension/fixing solutions are available to accommodate specific project conditions, materials, construction techniques, environments, etc.

Flooring made easy

Thanks to the broad anchoring surfaces, flooring is very straightforward.

The unique open web design brings additional benefits by creating open and accessible spaces for installations such as plumbing, ventilation, electrical and heating distribution, all of which contribute to easier and faster installation work.

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