Reliable design


Since its inception over 20 years ago, thousands of truss manufacturers and engineers worldwide have successfully used our TrussCon and RoofCon calculation and CAD software. They have been appreciated for their ease of use combined with the ability to perform advanced calculations. Twenty years is a respectable age in the software industry. Still, hardware and industry standards are continually evolving. Now the time has come to replace TrussCon/RoofCon with our new software Mitek Pamir.

The TrussCon/RoofCon software support has ended and it’s time to take the next step and start using MiTek Pamir. With a relatively short start-up time, the majority of our Pamir users are reporting an increase in efficiency, in some cases within a week. Contact us and schedule a training session to discover the benefits of MiTek Pamir today.