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MiTek produces and markets pressing equipment for roof trusses, truss beams and joining of wooden parts.

Our equipment for roof truss production is manufactured in Europe and is characterised by sturdy construction at a very attractive price and with very high reliability.

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For truss manufacturing


For the production of trusses, MiTek’s hydraulic C-press is the obvious choice.

The MK8C is versatile and production adaptable as we offer it with several different mounting methods such as:

  • gantry
  • wall mounted arm or
  • balancing arm

We are also able to make some adjustments to the suspension to best suit your premises.

This equipment is sold either as a separate press unit or you, the customer, can choose to purchase the press together with an attachment, with or without mounting.

We offer the MK8C press with a range of accessories such as press table with or without magnet, steel plates for the floor and mounting details for table and C-press.

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Press table

Easy mag-lock

We offer robust and stable press pedestals for our C-press system.

Our Easy mag-lock press pedestals can be delivered with a permanent magnet that locks the table to steel plates on the floor, or as loose units without magnetic locking.

Available in 2 different sizes 450*750 mm and 450*920 mm.

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Manual Posi-Joist Press


This truss press produces parallel chord trusses up to a height of 550 mm, which means it can be used with our Posi-Joist steel struts with heights from 8″ up to 16″. It is also suitable for trusses using wood webs joined with traditional nail plates, such as super chords or floor trusses.

Posi-Man has a hydraulic press head moved manually with ball-bearing support wheels, making it very flexible and easy to use for all operators.

Our press equipment is very robust and reliable as it is completely mechanical except for the hydraulics in the press head itself.

Table lengths can be adapted according to your requirements.

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Semi-automatic Posi-Joist Press

Strut-Runner Nordic 50 ton

In the same way as the Posi-Man manual press, this press produces parallel trusses. It is suitable for our Posi-Joist steel webs (Posi-Struts) with heights from 8″ up to 16″ and timber trusses joined with traditional nail plates.

The press height of the Strut-Runner Nordic is limited only by the size of the press plate, which is an impressive 630 mm wide and 830 mm long. This press can be manufactured with a press table up to 15 meters which is the limit of the beam length.

The hydraulic press head, with a pressing force of an enormous 50 tonnes, is operated by an electric drive that also has a “tech-in” function. This means that the press control system is programmed when the first beam is produced, and then the press can be run in automatic mode. In automatic mode, the press runs itself and performs its press cycle at programmed positions along the beam.

The automation allows the press to work while the operator prepares the next beam to be pressed.

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