• Utec Consulting

    We begin as an architect and design office, owned by Utec Consulting, a local construction company in Skellefteå.

  • First software

    Using a combination of manual calculations and function-specific software on an HP machine, we start selling truss designs to a local truss producer.

  • DOS-based TrussCon

    We develop our first (DOS-based) version of TrussCon, exclusively for our truss-design department.

  • TrussCon

    The first version of TrussCon is delivered to external customers in Sweden. It is the first truss design software developed for the new Windows OS.

  • RoofCon

    Starts as a University project that aims to simplify the process of creating a hip for a Danish customer. The first version is used for drawing roof surfaces, while TrussCon is used as the design software.

  • CSCE

    A part of the locally owned company Consultec is sold to MiTek. We are now changing our name to CSCE.

  • Berkshire Hathaway

    MiTek becomes a Berkshire Hathaway company.

  • Pamir – First roof

    The first roof that is drawn and designed with Pamir is produced.

  • Pamir usage

    Pamir is now the dominating truss design software in many countries, including Sweden, Norway, UK, France and Poland.

  • Pamir introduces Advanced Wall Panels

    A new module for advanced wall panels in MiTek Pamir is released, making it possible to design wall panels with layers.

  • Merger

    After a merger with the Swedish sister company MiTek Industries, the name CSCE is retired, and this subsidiary of MiTek Inc. is dissolved.

  • 2000 Pamir users

    On the 8th of March, we reached 2000 unique users of Pamir.