Industry leading

Roof, Wall and Floor design software

MiTek Pamir is MiTek’s industry-leading software for roof-truss, wall panels and Posi-Joist design. Developed by our European development team, it is a powerful and versatile fully integrated CAD, layout and engineering package with full EC5 engineering to the latest design codes. MiTek Pamir is only used by manufacturers licensed by MiTek.

MiTek Pamir combines Layout, Engineering, Output and 3D tools into a single fully integrated application, replacing traditionally separate programmes with one. Learning the software is more straightforward as there is one toolset to learn. The integration of the different areas allows for tremendous accuracy in design as a user can clearly see how various design elements interact.

Intelligent roof design

Advanced roofs

The MiTek Pamir intelligent roof framing sets a new standard for timber construction applications. The intersection between different roof surfaces can be solved automatically. Still, there are also many easy-to-use tools to change and adjust manually. Import different file formats, such as DXF and IFC, or create roof profiles for advanced mansards or towers and apply the profile directly to the roof surface. Insert openings and see how the roof layout automatically changes accordingly. MiTek Pamir sets a new standard in productivity and level of detail, incorporating the professional and practical experience of countless projects and 30 years of customer support.

Residential and commercial buildings in a simple way

Fast and detailed

MiTek Pamir is characterised by the flexibility of its intelligent tools that can create both simple and more advanced solutions with just a few clicks. Depending on the prevailing conditions and geometry, detailed designs can be defined as the preferred standard solution. A detailed quotation is created very quickly and saves time throughout the project. MiTek Pamir takes the design and production of nail plate-based structures to the next level.

Special designs

Flexible and powerful

Some designs place high demands on the skills, level of detail and time management of the project. MiTek Pamir offers many features with which advanced designs, such as concrete structure forms, can be quickly created in detail. MiTek Pamir is the ideal partner for the experienced engineer.

  • Intelligent tools enable a fast workflow, even under time pressure.
  • Interfaces for importing advanced designs for further processing are easy to understand and use.
  • Special functions for positioning, spacing and naming loads save time and money.
30 years of experience

Free software support

When you first start using MiTek Pamir, we offer a short basic course to help you get started. After completing the course, our support department will be available for further support whenever you need it. With our extensive experience in the field and with engineers using MiTek Pamir daily, we at MiTek are here to help you.